Free Help For Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancy

The thought of sharing the news of your unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming.

How do you choose the right time? The right words?

What reaction will you get?

Despite your fear, try to talk to others who love you and can help you instead of carrying both your baby and your secret by yourself.

No matter what you eventually decide is the best plan for your baby, you will need support.

Sharing Your Pregnancy

Just as you were in shock when you first learned you were pregnant, the people you tell may be stunned too. But just as you eventually moved from shock to planning, so will other people.

Give them time to process their initial emotions.

Don’t make any lifelong decisions based on their first response. An unplanned pregnancy can stir up many different emotions and everyone may need time to calm down, or their reaction may surprise you.

General Tips

Only you know the best approach for the important people in your life, but here are some general tips:

  • First, confirm your pregnancy with a doctor.
  • Practice telling someone supportive, but be prepared for the range of reactions you might get.
  • Take a supportive person with you.
  • Start with how you are feeling, what you need, and why you are telling them. This may help them empathize with you.
  • Write a letter if talking is too difficult. Don’t use e-mail or text messaging.
  • If you are worried about getting physically hurt, first plan for a safe place to go and arrange for a way to get there.
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