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Living at home with one or both of your parents during your pregnancy offers many advantages. Their love and support will be available during a difficult time.

They may also be willing to pay many living expenses that would otherwise be your responsibility (rent/mortgage payments, utilities, transportation, health insurance, groceries, etc.). Those expenses can have a big impact on your family, though, so it is helpful to have an honest discussion about expectations and try to meet everyone’s needs.

Here are some questions to consider if you’re going to live at home as a new parent:

  1. Parenting Roles and Responsibilities
    Who will be the “go-to parent” for feedings, diaper changes (especially the ones at night), doctor’s visits, care when the baby is sick, bedtimes, and discipline? The amount of parenting responsibility your parents want to have may be less or more than you expect, so be sure everyone is on the same page.
  2. Education
    Do you plan to return to school? Who will take care of your child when you’re in school or doing homework? How will you pay school expenses? Some scholarships and loans take your parents’ income into account.
  3. Finances and Work
    How will you support yourself and your baby? Are there costs of parenting that your parents will cover? Find more information on this subject here.
  4. Insurance
    Your healthcare may be covered, at least partially, by your parents’ insurance. How does living at home affect your eligibility for public assistance? Find more information on this subject here.
  5. Alternative Housing
    If you and your parents decide that it is not best for you to continue living at home, is there a friend or relative you can live with? What about a maternity home? Bethany’s House in Modesto, California which was built to provide a safe place for you to stay while you’re thinking through your options. States have different laws regarding the age when you can legally live apart from your parents. You’ll want to learn what laws apply to you if you cannot live at home.

If you or your family need help completing a Family Plan that answers these and other questions, Bethany’s pregnancy counselors are available. Just call your local office or, outside of normal working hours, call 1.800.BETHANY (1.800.238.4269),e-mail Bethany , or request an online chat .

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