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Abortion Questions

If you are positive you are pregnant and considering whether or not to have an abortion, learning as much as you can about abortion is important. The information below will give you a start. We encourage you to also look at the other pages on our website.  Taking a look at each of your options is important in making a well informed decision about something so life changing. We encourage you to also take a next step and talk through your thoughts and feelings and meet with a pregnancy counselor.

What are the different types of abortion procedures?

There are two common types of abortion procedures, medical which uses a combination of drugs, and surgical. Medical abortions are usually only available through seven weeks of pregnancy as they may not work properly if used later in pregnancy. Surgical abortions are mostly performed after seven weeks and later in a pregnancy.

How much does an abortion cost?

The cost of abortions is somewhat dependant on what it costs to do business where you live. There may be extra costs for services in addition to the abortion itself—either required by the clinic or by the law in the state you live in. To find out what abortion costs in your area, find Help Near You.

Is abortion safe?

There are risks with all surgical procedures, as well as with the drugs used in a medical abortion.

Some of the risks with a surgical abortion are: heavy bleeding, infection, damage to the cervix, damage to the uterus or other organs, incomplete abortion.

Some of the risks with medical abortion are: adverse reaction to the drugs, incomplete abortion, heavy bleeding.

Does an abortion hurt?

There is pain associated with having an abortion. How difficult the pain is to handle is somewhat dependant on your own level of pain tolerance. Women have reported a range from really bad cramping to excruciatingly painful.

What are possible side effects?

Abortion can affect you in three different ways—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. How, when, and intensity of side effects differs from woman to woman. Just some possibilities are listed below:

Physical: bleeding, nausea, pain, infection, damage to cervix and/or uterus

Emotional: regret, guilt, nightmares and reliving the abortion, depression, relationship problems

Can I get an abortion without my parents knowing?

If you are under age, each state has laws about whether you can get an abortion without permission from your parents. To find out what the law is in your state, contact someone at a pregnancy center. Find Help Near You.

I don’t want an abortion—what can I do?

Legally no one can make you have an abortion if you do not agree; however, it can be difficult to stay strong if someone is trying to force you into an abortion decision. If you need someone who will be supportive of your decision, find Help Near You or call our pregnancy hotline at 1-800-BETHANY (1-800-238-4269).

Someone I know wants to get an abortion and I am concerned—how can I help?

Whether it is your friend, girlfriend/wife, or daughter, it can be difficult to know what to say to someone who is considering abortion. Let her know you care about and are concerned about her and that you believe abortion will hurt her. Encourage her to get help from people who will help her take a look at all of her options—offer to go with her. You can find find Help Near You or call our pregnancy hotline at 1-800-BETHANY (1-800-238-4269).

I already had an abortion, where can I get help?

If you are hurting after you have had an abortion, please know that there are people who have been where you are and know how to help. Post abortion counseling and support is available for you. Please contact any of the following resources

  • Project Rachel 800-593-2273